Saturday, December 30, 2017

A Fresh Start

                      My CP&StL equipment will soon be operating on a new layout.

The model railroad that I was building and (somewhat sporadically) chronicling in this blog is no more.  A new layout rises in its place, and I hope to share my progress with you all in the months ahead.

There wasn't a single reason for starting over, but several.  I wanted to both add and simplify the wiring system and improve the layout lighting.  As I explain below, I also wanted a little more diversity in the traffic I had on the railroad -- to look more like the photo friend Frank Hodina took that I have posted again above.  But, more than anything, I had taken the concept about as far as I could, and with empty nesterdom looming, it seemed like time for a fresh start.

I have a lot invested in equipment for my freelanced version of the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Railway, and as the railroad came down, I began by considering whether I wanted to make a complete break and model something different.

I'll pick up the story from there in my next entry.

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